Indigenous Food x Vancouver Magazine

Indigenous Food x Vancouver Magazine

Experience Indigenous Culture Through Indigenous Catering

A big part of our intention at Tawnshi Charcuterie is to bring Indigenous experiences into urban environments. By allowing people to enjoy and appreciate Indigenous food, we want to awaken curiosity, incentivize learning, and popularize the culture.

That's why our latest appearance in Vancouver Magazine's December/January issue is a big deal to us. It's another step forward, not just for us, but for bringing connections to Indigenous culture to this city's events, board rooms, parties, and homes.

Indigenous Catering feature in Vancouver Magazine

Out Of The Box Charcuterie

The writer for this feature, the lovely Alyssa Hirose, coined a phrase of which we are particularly fond: out-of-the-box charcuterie. It's not just witty. She has captured the spirit of our intent with our product.

Instead of crackers and olives, we offer fresh baked bannock and pickled milkweed pods. Rather than salami and prosciutto, we have maple thyme elk sausage and smoked salmon.

Tawnshi is our departure from charcuterie as it is traditionally considered.

Indigenous catering featured in Vancouver magazine

 Bringing our food to the photo studio and seeing it placed beside other amazing food providers in Vancouver was a powerful experience. I don't want to say it was validating, but it felt good to have our vision, our food, our story recognized on the stage of fine foods.

Also, we appeared in Vancouver Magazine's Indigenous gift guide online! It is encouraging to see more and more Indigenous-owned businesses out there. We encourage you to check them all out and support them too.

Vancouver Magazine's Indigenous Gift Guide
Ha' miiya (Thank you) to all of our customers, to our supplies, our communities, and our families for being on this journey with us. Tawnshi Charcuterie is just getting started and we look forward to connecting with you more in the New Year.
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