How to enjoy

The first thing to know is that “Tawnshi” means hello in Michif, the language of the Métis.

So, Tawnshi and welcome to our modern take on a fusion of indigenous flavours and ingredients.

There may be some unfamiliar things in this charcuterie, so let’s talk about how to enjoy the experience before you.

Apple Sage Butter Smokey Bison

Inspired by the teachings of Chef Paul Owl from the Serpent River Nation, this bison bologna has a savoury flavour, brought out by the smoke, and a lovely apple sage butter finish.

Pickled Milkweed Pods

These bright green pods have the sweet, pickled flavour of a gherkin with none of the explosive crunch. They are best enjoyed in one bite, as the fibres holding the brine fall apart quickly.

Pickled Fiddleheads

Fiddleheads are the furled fronds of a young fern. They taste like the deep, moist green of the forest; a bit like asparagus, broccoli, spinach, and green beans all rolled together. We love them for their delicate flavour and crunchy texture.


Dulce or Sea Bacon

This murky maroon leaf that feels like leather is actually a salty, umami delight. The best way to enjoy it is to place a piece on your tongue and let your saliva soften and break it down. It will slowly, then quickly, fill your mouth with a savoury flavour that reminds you of the sea.

Blueberry Lavender and Chamomile Pear Jams

Chef Sarah Mierau, of the Sayisi Dene First Nation, brings us traditional plant medicine through her exquisite line of jams. They are all small-batch, organic and naturally sweetened.

Cedar Jelly

Our senses of smell and taste are very connected. If you’ve ever walked into a grove of cedars and smelled their soft and camphoraceous aroma, that is exactly how this jelly tastes. 

Chokecherry Jelly

This wild foraged preserve provides a sharp flavour that pairs well with cheese, bannock and meat.

Bannock with brie, smoked salmon and cedar jelly

Baked Bannock

This dense bread is a Métis favourite. Use each slice as a base to build your own tasty treat adventure. 

Smoked Salmon

Maple smoked, double smoked, peppered or candied - you can’t go wrong with this delicacy. A little bit sweet and chewy, you can enjoy these bites on their own or combine them with cheese and bannock.

Dried Beef

Dry meat is a First Nations staple, meant to sustain us through the winters. It is nutrient rich and kept well for many months.

 Smoked salmon

Maple Walnut Shortbread Cookies

This sweet element is our modern addition to finish each box with an extra bit of decadence.

Nuts, Berries & Seeds

Each box has an assortment of nuts, berries and seeds, depending on seasonal availability.

Brie / Aged White Cheddar

The Métis love their fromage and so do we.

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